Peak House Farm – Raw Milk Facility


As raw milk is a natural, untreated product, there are some risks associated with drinking it but it is important to bear in mind that providing you source your milk from a reputable farm with healthy mainly grass-fed cows th our opinion the risks are very low


Who’s at risk?

If the raw milk you drink has harmful bacteria in it, technically anyone could become ill from it. However the risk to a healthy adult is usually small. We have been inspected by the FSA and had our milk tested. It has to be of the highest hygiene standards to sell and we will be regularly tested to ensure we maintain these standards.

Those who may be more at risk are:

  • Pregnant women, especially if taking antacids, which dilute the stomach acid. Your stomach acid can help to kill off some small levels of harmful bacteria
  • Those with compromised immune systems i.e. HIV positive or those who have been very ill
  • The very young or very elderly


By law we have to display the following wording in our Milk Roomfor customers to see:

“This milk has not been heat treated and may therefore contain organisms harmful to health”.