Our Girls

Peak House Farm – Raw Milk Facility

“Our Girls”

We have approximately 100 milking cows and 120 youngstock, and a Hereford bull called Rufus. We are a closed herd which in essence means we do not buy in any stock but breed our own. We use AI for the majority of the herd and Rufusfor the rest- this reduces the risk of infection and disease and helps to produce healthy youngstock.

The girls are mainly Holstein, British Friesian crossed with Brown Swiss,Norwegian Red and now Montbeliarde. This gives us an animal that has vitality, balance and longevity. These lovely, happy, contented girls all have their individual characters and we know them all by name or number. We of course have our favourites among us and how they like to be milked. Due to their breeding and rearing they are generally very placid and friendly and are very much creatures of habit.


Their diet and lifestyle

During the spring, summer and autumn months they graze on this beautiful Hampshire countryside; and during the winter months they live in our yards in loose housing with lovely deep straw beds where they are free to roam and have constant access to food. Even whilst being milked they have cake (not the Victoria sandwich type)! We find our girls like the luxury of straw beds in winter, out of the cold and wet.